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Competition Prep

Preparing for a competition can be one of the most stressful and rewarding times you may ever experience. Doing it without any assistance can be extremely confusing and frustrating. If you are thinking of doing a competition I also have packages for specific time lengths to prepare for the competition. The time lengths offered are for 18 or 12 weeks of preparation. The competition prep will help to guide you through the process with tips and tricks to make the most out of your prep. It will also include 1-2 Skype Orientations/Check-in and 2-3 Skype/Facetime posing sessions. We will also go over what should you be aware of, what should you bring backstage, tanning tips, hair and makeup, what should you look for in a bikini, what the judges are looking for, etc.


Skype Meeting
Skype Frequency
Skype Posing
Progress Check-Ins
WhatsApp Messaging Contact
Email Contact
Training App

12 Week

Comp Prep
Skype Meeting : One 50 Minute Consultation
Skype Frequency : At Program Setup
Skype Posing : 2
Progress Check-Ins : Weekly
WhatsApp Messaging Contact
Email Contact
Training App
Expires: 12 Weeks From Start Date

18 Week

Comp Prep
Skype Meeting : Two 50 Minute Consultations
Skype Frequency : At Program Setup & Midway
Skype Posing : 3
Progress Check-Ins : Weekly
WhatsApp Messaging Contact
Email Contact
Training App
Expires: 18 Weeks From Start Date

8 Week

Reverse Diet
Skype Meeting : None
Skype Frequency : N/A
Skype Posing : N/A
Progress Check-Ins : Bi-Weekly
WhatsApp Messaging Contact
Email Contact
Training App
Expires: 8 Weeks Post Comp


What’s Included In Competition Prep:

  • Multiple Skype Appointments To Assess Your Goals & Progress (Per Plan)
  • Online Training Website With Access To Your Entire Workout & Nutrition Plan
  • Online Training Application Downloaded Right To Your Phone
  • A Customized Resistance and Cardio Workout Planiphones-homepage
  • Printable/Downloadable Workout PDF’s
  • Exercise Descriptions & Videos to Ensure Proper Form And Execution
  • Exercise Progressions and Regressions Based On Your Progress
  • Personalized Flexible Nutrition Guidelines Or A Specific Diet Plan If Desired
  • Weekly Measurement & Picture Check-Ins to Access Your Progress
  • Goal Based Supplementation Recommendations
  • Accountability And Motivational Assistance
  • Email and/or Phone Messaging Access Throughout The Week
  • 2-3 Skype/Facetime posing sessions (Per Plan)
  • Peak week Nutrition and Preparation
  • Bikini, Gown or Themewear Advice & Assistance
  • Tips and Tricks to Getting Through The Prep and Show
  • Email and Messaging Access For Questions You May Have Throughout The Week

 Progress pic guideHow It Works

Step 1: Pick the program that fits your needs best and checkout through the online payment system

Step 2: You will get an email with your receipt and within 2-24 hours you will receive an email to set up your online training Program. You will then be able to log into the app and website, fill out the consultation form, add your starting statistics and pictures.

Step 3: Once you have everything filled out on the Trainerize site, please send at email stating your availability to chat via FaceTime or Skype. The meeting will take approximately 50-60 minutes and we will go over your history, current health, goals, nutrition and go over any questions you might have about the program.

Step 4: A plan will be built for you to follow based on your current capabilities and future goals. Depending on your preferences you may receive a specific diet plan or flexible guidelines for nutritional goals. You will receive a structured workout plan for resistance and cardio. The resistance plan will come in a PDF which will have the exercises listed with an explanation of how to complete the exercise in correct form, number of sets, reps and a video which shows the exercise being performed.

Step 5: At the end of each week it’s your responsibility to check via the online check in on this website. The online check in will cover how you did following the plan, what issues you had (if any) and weekly measurements/progress pictures. Based on that info we will change your program and diet as needed. Throughout the week you will have access to ask any questions that come up via email and or messaging.