Thank you for all of the great training sessions. I actually feel like I “want” to go to the gym. I would have never said that a year ago! You are a fabulous Trainer. Wishing you the best! -Kristin

I cannot say how much I appreciate what you have done for me. You are my nutrition and exercise angel! -Valerie

I want to thank my trainers Audra and Taron for helping me lose 21 lbs and almost 3 pant sizes! You guys are awesome. this has definitely been a life changing experience. -Nadiya

Thank you for everything! You inspired me and honestly changed my life. It may seem like something small, but without you I could’ve never done it. I am forever grateful! -Lauren

I worked with the with Audra for a few months and she was great! I dropped 30lbs and now have the tools and knowledge to stay motivated and keep working out properly. I used to dread working out but via my personal training sessions I’ve learned to really get the best out of my workouts and enjoy them! -Christine

In September 2010 I came down with Bells Palsy that also gave me vertigo. From August 15 to September I had lost almost 20 lbs. I walked into the Gym with a cane in February of 2011. I began my working out on my own but I became board with my redundant workouts and knew that I needed assistance to get to my goals. My goals were to increase my muscle and regain my balance. Since I started training with Audra I have completed both. I am now excited to workout. I feel young again, I have gained 10 pounds of muscle and I am walking 18 holes of golf every week. -Charles