Gina Wilkerson

Gina Wilkerson  WBFF Pro



International Sports Sciences Association, Certified Personal Trainer

Advanced CPR & First Aid Certified


Fit Fab Training has recently changed ownership. July of 2020 my amazing coach, mentor and friend Audra Blotzer (Thrush) decided she was ready to retire from the fitness industry. Sadly I understood, Thankfully as God would have it I was getting started in the industry and starting my  PT career at the same time. After her mentoring and guidance she knew I was ready to take full reins and so here I am!

I always had a love for fitness. At a young age I can remember my mother going to gym and eating healthy an bieng in amazing shape at the age of 44. I was always going to the gym and lifting and running, doing Yoga and other classes. But it wasn’t until I hit 30 when I stopped being able to eat whatever I wanted and loose weight so easy. On my 33rd birthday I looked in the mirror and was shocked at what I saw. I was not happy with where I was physically and knew I had to make a change. I started lifting more and following a few programs but nothing was changing. At the same time I started following a few fitness competitors and thought I can do that. I  finally sought the assistance of a personal trainer and began a structured resistance program. The combination of diet, cardio and resistance helped me to keep my metabolism up and maintain a healthy weight. After I shed the pounds I felt as though I had my life back.  I then  did some research on federations and found the WBFF. I am a Wife and  Mother to 2 girls and I wanted to show them that no matter what age you are if you have a dream or a goal and you work hard, stick to it, push your self you can accomplish anything.  Even with all the crazy that happens in life we all deserve to live out our dreams and passions.

I competed in my first WBFF show in October of 2017 In Beverly Hills, CA. I placed 2nd in 35+ Diva Bikini. That’s when I was hooked. I loved seeing the changes that I could make to my body,and most of all I was so proud of myself for making a commitment and sticking to it. The result of my hard work and dedication amazed me and I knew that this was not a one time thing. This was the beginning of a new lifestyle!


I Competed again in June of 2018 in San Francisco, CA and won first place and my Pro Card in 35+ Diva Fitness. That day was so magical I will never forget it..

I competed in August of 2018 at the WBFF Worlds show in Las Vegas, NV and placed in the top 10 (8th place) in 35+ Diva Bikini. I never thought I would compete so quickly after a show or compete at Worlds but the opportunity presented it self and I jumped at the chance. What an amazing show this was and I am so blessed I had this opportunity.


After worlds I knew I wanted to push myself to the next level and I wanted to compete as a PRO in the Fitness category.  I worked hard for over a year building muscle mass and eating healthy and I was ready to take on this new level of fitness. I competed in Atlantic City, NJ as  a WBFF Diva Fitness Pro.


Mean while, Friends and family took notice of my success and started asking for my help with their fitness goals. I became a personal trainer in February of 2020. I knew I wanted to help other Woman and Men reach their full fitness and health potential and I knew If I could do it then anyone can. We all have the ability to accomplish anything we put our minds to and if I can help change one persons life, then that is all I need in mine. There is nothing better than being able to help my clients change their lives through fitness. Watching them persevere and achieve their goals despite adversity inspires me everyday! This is the most rewarding job I could ask for! I am thankful for the opportunity and the social media platform I’ve been given to help others.






My mission is to provide quality training and coaching services and help others achieve their fitness goals and healthy habits goals. Fitness is not just about calories and sweat. Fitness should be something you learn to love so that it can become a lifestyle that you enjoy.