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Apr 09

People Underestimate Daily Food Choices

People Underestimate Daily Food Choices How much time during the day are you mindful of food choices? Most people estimate that, on average, they make about 15 food- and beverage-related decisions each day. But one researcher says we make more than 15 times that  more than 200 such decisions. Commenting on his new study, Brian …

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Apr 04

Detox Diets: Myths vs. Reality

Detox Diets: Myths vs. Reality. by Martica Heaner, PhD Nutrition: What You Should Know About Cleanses and Juice Fasts. Catherine Towers forked over $1,000 for a physician-supervised “detox.” “I felt that I needed a drastic change,” says Towers, a brand-marketing consultant in New York City. “Slow weight loss from trying to eat better is uninspiring, so …

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Feb 20

5 Common Fitness Saboteurs and How to Defeat Them

5 Common Fitness Saboteurs and How to Defeat Them Ever have those days when you feel like the universe is conspiring to keep you from reaching your fitness goals? Even the most committed fitness enthusiasts face challenges to staying active. Sometimes we sabotage ourselves. Other times, life interferes with our exercise plans. Check out this …

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Dec 29

Reaching Your Goals the SMART Way

Reaching Your Goals the SMART Way – Free Fit Fact for Weight Loss, Workouts, Health and Fitness Challenges from the American Council On Exercise. Are you one of those people who resolve to get back into shape every time the New Year comes around—but for some reason fail to accomplish that goal every year?  If …

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Dec 03

Factors to Fitness Success

Caloric Balance Caloric balance is an extremely important factor that should be taken into consideration when trying to get to any fitness goal and even when trying to maintain your current physical state. Caloric balance is when you are consuming the same amount of calories as you are burning throughout the day. In this scenario …

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