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Fitness Competitons

WBFF Competitions

I am extremely competitive by nature but I’ve never excelled in any particular sport. I began competing in  fitness competitions to keep myself focused on a physical goal. The importance of goal setting is so extremely important that it cannot be overlooked in any fitness program. I know first-hand, the failures and successes that I have had can be tied directly back to how specific and strategic my goals were.

My first competition was the WBFF Beverly Hills show in October 2017. I placed 2nd in 35 + Diva Bikini.

In June of 2018 I competed again at the San Francisco Show and won my PRO card in 35+ Diva Fitness.

In August of 2018 I had an opportunity to compete at Worlds in Las Vegas. I placed int he top 10 35+ Diva Bikini, I placed #8.

I decided that I wanted to push my physical fitness to the next level and Compete as a PRO in 35+ Diva Fitness category in Atlantic City, NJ in December 2019. Although I didn’t  place this show which was fine this was my second PRO show and my first PRO show competing in a new category. I got to see how much I can grow physically and mentally and the experience it self was amazing.